Join Sector Disk!

Have fun! (Basic shell knowledge is required)

The goal of Sector Disk is to be a living platform and community, where users can come and go as they please and buy up and release sectors as they please. Therefore, there are two ways to claim sectors on Sector Disk!

The Floating Purchase: $1 per sector, per month

For every dollar that you give per month to Sector Disk, you will receive one sector. So if you give $5 a month, you will receive 5 sectors. If you give $12 a month, you'll receive 12. You can change these sectors out month-to-month if you'd like, and any abandoned sectors will be marked as abandoned. If you choose to stop your subscription, your sectors will go up for grabs. It's as simple as that.

The Grounded Purchase: $5 per sector, period

Not interested in paying rent, but instead owning a 512-byte house? Then you can buy sectors directly using Paypal! For $5 a sector you can own that sector for as long as you want. If I see that your account is inactive for six months or so, I may send you an e-mail to ask if you still want to keep your sector or if you're ready to put it up for someone else. If at that point you say that you want it permanently, that's fine! No questions asked. It'll be your sector for good. If you don't reply, that's fine too; I would only release your sectors if you gave the go-ahead!

If you would like to own sectors permanently but don't have the money at hand to buy them all outright and instead would rather pay for five months, just let me know when you sign up! I won't assume this unless you let me know ahead of time, though, so if you simply stop your subscription after five or so months without having let me know beforehand, those sectors will go up for grabs so that more users can join and enjoy Sector Disk.

TO SIGN UP, please e-mail 'join[at]' with the subject 'New User: [username]' and provide your desired username and sectors (available sectors here), as well as the Paypal e-mail address you will be sending money from. Please note that if I need to contact you in the future, I will do it using the e-mail you signed up with unless you specify otherwise. If you would like to add another contact/recovery e-mail, let me know.

If you are purchasing additional sectors for an already existing account, please do the same, except with the subject 'Add Sector: [username]'.

Once you have e-mailed 'join[at]', I'll send you a Paypal link that'll let you either subscribe or pay for however many sectors you want. Once you've paid for your sectors, I will send you back a password to access your shell account. Please change it using the 'passwd' command.

Obtaining a Copy of the Sector Disk Floppy

If at any point you'd like to own a complete copy of Sector Disk at that time, please let me know, and I will send you a labeled copy of the diskette with information about when the copy was made, as well as some additional printouts of the sector visuals. I'll also e-mail you the files, including the backup image, directly. This service is $10 to the US and Canada and $20 internationally. (And, of course, you can copy that floppy! Just please don't sell copied disks!)

All prices are in USD($). Note that the shipping of physical disks internationally at this time may be subject to delays or other restrictions due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Note that all sectors are first-come, first-serve. If the sectors you want are taken before I can create your account, I will let you know and you can select different ones. If you don't have a preference or you just want correctly-aligned sectors to make an image on the visual, just let me know and I'll pick the sectors for you.

I also accept Bitcoin (BTC)!