Hello hello!

In the interest of bandwidth and my own privacy (I'm running Sector Disk out of my living room!), Sector Disk is unfortunately not being livestreamed 24/7 via audio nor video. While I realize this is pretty unfortunate, fret not, dear user -- for Sector Disk will ocassionally be holding STREAMING PARTIES!

Every so often we'll be getting together as a community, updating our sectors, and watching live as the floppy disk drive pushes through the load! We'll chat together via IRC and (whatever streaming service)'s chat or possibly even have a big conference call! Any and all streams will be recorded, so if you miss out on one, you'll always be able to view it later.

For now, keep on having fun! I look forward to seeing your data :p

Your sysadmin who is totally not secretly just a frog,
Jesse (aka jebug29)